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Aug 30

5 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. John D. Rockefeller

The childhood epidemic is fully under way, and it seems like we all just want to sit back and let it be someone else’s problem. But there are some easy steps that can be taken to prevent childhood obesity. There are 5 ways to prevent childhood obesity that are easy and anyone can do them.

5 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

why are children obese1. Be a role model.
Forcing children to eat vegetables isn’t going to make them want to do it. Instead, model the healthy habits you want for your children, like eating breakfast every morning and they’ll be more likely to follow suite. And even if you dread working out on the treadmill, don’t let your child know it.  “When you are active with your kids, they have fun and they see that adults have fun doing activity too,” Krieger said.

2. Eat more fiber.
Although eating fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables are low-calorie, nutritious options that can keep your child feeling full longer, most children are not getting enough, according to the Dietary Guidelines for America 2010. Krieger suggests aiming for a grocery bill that includes a third of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to add whole grains, beans, peas, nuts and seeds to your child’s diet and follow the USDA’s Choose My Plate image when serving meals: ½  fruits and vegetables, ¼ grains, and ¼ protein.

3. Give technology a break.
Toddlers love to run around and play but it’s a whole different ball game once technology is introduced, according to Len Saunders, author of Keeping Kids Fit. All that time spent texting, on Facebook, or listening to the iPod is a major risk factor for obesity so limit the tech time and get your kids moving.

4. Get creative.
Got a picky eater? Variety is the spice of life when it comes to getting your child to eat fruits and vegetables. Try different ways to cook veggies like roasted, grilled or dehydrated. Look for new recipes, substitutions and different ways to serve the same foods.

5. Find opportunities to move.
It’s recommended that children get an hour of physical activity every day, but between working long hours, after-school activities, and safety concerns, finding time can be challenging but there are ways to make it work. Break up the 60 minutes into smaller increments throughout the day: 20 minutes before and after school and 20 minutes after dinner. If it’s raining, set up an obstacle course in the house or a fitness-based scavenger hunt that challenges your child to do push-ups with every new item he finds. Source

If you are struggling with your child’s weight, these 5 ways to prevent childhood obesity can help. You need to get moving with some exercise and leave the gadgets at home. Also, if you have a picky eater, get creative with food choices. A role model can help with weight and self esteem. So don’t just sit and watch television with your child, go play with them. Teach them how to move and keep moving.